Overall objective

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the usage of common spaces and activities in which immigrants (incl. third country nationals) and ethnic minorities interact with the host societies of countries of the Baltic Sea region.

The best medium for such meaningful action is through the dialogue platforms (be they more institutionalised or informal, taking place between different actors), which in turn enhances the role of consultative bodies and the representation of civil society organisations in defining, implementing and evaluating immigrants' integration policies. The dialogue event series that took place in the course of the Project enabled the participants to establish contacts and build a network in the Baltic Sea region which in turn allowed them to make a more effective impact on participating in the discussion of integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities by initiating further joint projects both on the Baltic Sea region and European level.

Specific objectives

The project had 4 specific objectives:

  1. To explore the existing forms of dialogue platforms on integration in partner countries. It constituted a dialogue needs assessment on integration based on comparative analysis in partner countries based on the overview of existing literature and face-to-face interviews
  2. To pilot dialogue platforms. In each partner country the dialogue event focused either on already established platform emphasising the success factors for the particular form of dialogue or alternatively new type of platforms previously not established in the partner country launched.
  3. To develop guidelines for dialogue platforms on integration. Guidelines were based on experiences and suggestions ensuing from the dialogue events series.
  4. To equip future organisers of dialogue platforms with necessary skills to hold a successful dialogue event. This was carried out through trainings that were based on suggestion outlined in the guidelines.